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I have always been involved in school or in society. An urban planner by training, I own the company PM-Ö - Terroirs et distinction (known by the name Lökkö - Locally delicious). I got to know APDA through one of its members, Kim Auclair. As an entrepreneur, I find it essential to get involved in your community. Three essential values of my company intersect with APDA. They are: simplicity and authenticity, economic, social and community involvement, then cooperation and mutual aid.




I have been a native of Orléans since December 1961. Retired electrician (invalidity following an accident at work), I have time and I want to get involved in certain activities, such as optimist clubs for 34 years at the 'Île d'Orléans (founding member) and for two years in Saint-Émile, where I was asked to help during the 35th of the ADPA that I did not know and which joined me by my deafness in my left ear . Having been invited by Mrs. Micheline Careau to join the ranks of the association, it is with pleasure that I accepted the invitation and that I will try to be useful to the best of my knowledge and talents.

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I have been deaf in my right ear since I was 20 years old. This handicap isolated me and affected me a lot. I gradually overcame obstacles with determination, including learning to read lips. Accepting to have a bone anchor implanted was an important step for me. Now I want to share my experience and the positive aspects of my deafness. I want to help APDA members maintain their auditory memory and improve their lip reading. Passionate about accounting, I have now been treasurer of APDA for 3 years.




I am deaf from birth. I got to know the association in 1986, where I learned communication strategies and discovered communication aids that changed my life. It is to help and defend the cause of deaf and hard of hearing people that I have been involved in the association for 33 years now. This involvement gave real meaning to my life. Thanks APDA.




I am hearing impaired. I became one in my early forties because of a congenital disease specific to the hearing system. I am constantly looking for tools and strategies to overcome my hearing loss and enjoy life. I have been working in communications for over thirty years. I am currently a science communication advisor for the federal government. A member of APDA for almost 10 years, I accepted to become an administrator in October 2020. I take up this challenge because I have a strong desire to make the voices of people like me heard who, like me, work full time, travel and love attend theaters!




I made a career in the public service where I walked, occupying the functions of secretary, administrative technician then communication advisor, team leader. I also acted as a media spokesperson during my years with the Quebec Ministry of Transport. I am a dynamic, organized, sociable, curious, creative and persevering person. I am always looking for solutions and I appreciate the dynamics of teamwork.




I am a hearing person. I have been participating in APDA for 33 years. My status has changed as a result of the amendments to the regulations: I have been a spouse, a volunteer, an associate member and finally a member. I have been on the board of directors since 2013 and have held the position of secretary since 2017. Our commitment to APDA is part of our mission as a couple.

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